Implementation of UHF radio frequency identification tools in the Russian State Library

The Russian State Library – the largest public library of Russia and Europe, the second in the world on the basis of funds.

In the funds of the RSL there is a unique collection of domestic and foreign documents in 367 languages of the world . The volume of funds exceeds 45.5 million units of storage. Specialized collections of manuscripts, rare books, cartographic and musical publications, sound recordings, dissertations, periodicals and other types of publications are presented.

In modern conditions, such arrays of information are inconceivable without the use of the latest technologies of accounting, search and storage.


The RST-Invent company has been successfully implementing ultra-high frequency (UHF) identification technologies for several years in the books of the RSL.

In 2011, a pilot project was implemented – radio identification of the Central Subsidiary Fund of the RSL. At this stage, the specialists of RST-Invent LLC delivered RFID tags, portal readers (“theft gates”), equipment and software for inventory of units of storage and book distribution in the ALEPH-500 automated library information system.

After the success of these innovations, the project began scaling up – marking all books and materials from the RSL fund. To date, over one million tags have been delivered to the RSL and more than 100 workplaces have been equipped.

Of course, the transition to RFID technology is carried out gradually – in parallel, the use of barcodes continues to identify storage units and library cards. Specially for this project, the specialists of RST-Invent LLC developed and manufactured equipment for the modernization of turnstiles, equipped with both a barcode reader and RFID modules. If necessary, it is provided to uninstall the barcode scanner without affecting the appearance of the turnstile and interference with its design.

“The RFID system is designed to automate the process of receiving, issuing, decommissioning, inventorying and controlling the movement of storage units of the Russian State Library. The introduction of this system is a new stage in building a common information technology platform for the library ”- comment on the project in the RSL.

A specially modified label for marking the book stock under the conditions of simultaneous use of RFID and bar coding technologies is perfect for solutions where additional duplication of any graphic information is required during the marking process.