RFID-системы для автоматизации работы библиотек

RFID for libraries

The use of RFID systems to automate the work of libraries is actively developing throughout the world and can effectively provide support for all the processes of its work. The systems that were used for these purposes earlier, at the moment, no longer meet the modern needs of both the libraries themselves and their readers.

Marking the library stock with RFID tags and the use of special readers allows you to control the process of book circulation inside the library building, quickly find the right copy among others. Using special self-service stations and electronic library tickets allows readers to submit and receive books on their own, simplifies the work of librarians and eliminates errors in the process of receiving / issuing books. The use of RFID-gates prevents attempts of unauthorized removal of books from the library and performs an anti-theft function.

Library Fund Marking

The BiblioTag Duo RFID tag is designed for marking archival documents and books of various thicknesses.

When marking library collections and archives, the label is used as the ID of publications and a means of protection against unauthorized removal outside the territory.

RFID tags are registered through the cover (no need to open the book and look for the tag).

BiblioTag Duo has a unique modification for rare editions of BiblioTag Duo SE, which when peeling does not damage the book or document


Reader Identification

To speed up the process of identifying library readers, plastic cards with an integrated RFID tag (RFID reader ticket) are manufactured.

  • Full color image printing possible
  • Reusable

Use of technology

Benefits of Using RFID Systems

The implementation of RFID systems in libraries allows you to:

Reduce the influence of the human factor on operations with funds and the elimination of the possibility of erroneous identification

Increase the speed of serving visitors to libraries / funds both by increasing the speed of library staff, and by introducing self-service stations

Reduce inventory time

Ensure the safety of the book fund from theft and damage

Make the process of moving books inside the fund and beyond as transparent as possible

Quickly arrange exhibits in accordance with the requirements of libraries

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Presentation of RFID for libraries

Recommended RFID tags and equipment

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Hard & soft complete solutions

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