RFID for marking small architectural forms

“The physical condition of the yard territory and the need for its improvement is determined by the results of the inventory of the yard territory, carried out in the manner established by the subject of the Russian Federation”

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 10, 2017 No. 169 requires everyone who wants to receive subsidies for the project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” to take an inventory of the territories of municipalities (squares, embankments, streets, pedestrian zones, parks, courtyards, other territories).

An inventory of the territories of municipalities is a laborious and technically challenging process that must now be carried out on an ongoing basis.

A solution that helps inventory small architectural forms quickly and efficiently:

1. All accounting units are marked with RFID tags (a unique identification number of the accounting unit is recorded in the tag’s memory, which is automatically generated in the database)

2. An employee performs a contactless search for a marked object with a mobile RFID reader, which determines the identification number of the RFID tag

3. Special RST-Inventory software determines the tag ID in the database and transfers the source data to the accounting system

4. An additional software module is installed on a working computer with an existing accounting system (for example, 1C), which processes information from RFID tags and transfers it to the accounting system

Benefits of RFID Inventory

  • Work in accordance with the requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Fully automated processes
  • The ability to mark, search, inventory and select objects marked with RFID tags
  • Fast tracking of small architectural forms
  • Quick inventory and picking verification
  • Reduced labor use
  • Operational control
  • Human factor excluded

Recommended RFID tags and equipment