Video instruction on how the library RFID system works

The creation of the “Library of the Future” is the main trend of the year, based on the introduction of modern technologies for the automation of library systems. Today, the most popular is RFID technology, which allows you to effectively support all processes of the library.

The RFID system automates the processes of searching for books, returning and borrowing, simplifies inventory, relieves the burden on the librarian, and also ensures the safety of the book fund from theft.

The benefits of RFID automation are undeniable. For readers, this is the speed of service, the ability to borrow and donate books on their own. But the most important thing is the pleasure of visiting a technologically advanced library and a comfortable pastime. Librarians also benefit from RFID implementation: the process of servicing the reader is accelerated, the inventory is simplified and accelerated, the influence of the human factor when working with funds, electronic forms is reduced, and the process of moving books inside and outside the fund becomes as transparent as possible.

To learn how the RFID system works in libraries, see a short video tutorial on our YouTube channel.