SENTER visiting RST-Invent

On March 29, 2019, a meeting was held between representatives of PCT-Invent and the renowned global supplier of reading equipment Shandong SENTER Electronic Co. Ltd. in St. Petersburg.

The head of the international sales department of SENTER Anthea Liu, together with the Head of the department of technology and development and the Head of business development at RST-Invent., discussed the prospects for further cooperation and joint development in the field of RFID for the next two years. During the meeting, a presentation of the top SENTER models and testing on their own site of research and development was held.

At the end of the meeting, a representative of SENTER invited RST-Invent specialists to pay a return visit to the supplier’s factory this fall.

“We, as a leading manufacturer and integrator of RFID solutions in Russia, are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation with large international companies, because our mission is 100% customer satisfaction. If the partner’s equipment is innovative, functional and, last but not least, reliable, then we are ready to cooperate and develop together”, commented Ildar Yulgushev, Head of business development at RST-Invent.