RST-Thermocover for the mobile data collection terminal (DCT) from RST-Invent conquers the far north

Термочехол RST-Thermocover для мобильного считывателя

In severe frosty conditions of the far north, where the air temperature drops below -30 ° C in winter, more and more companies appear that automate their business processes using RFID technology.

For RFID-analysis of the processes of issuing and returning inventory, equipment and machinery used in the protected areas of production bases, unheated warehouses and on the street, the main data collection tool is a mobile RFID reader (DCT). But how to ensure its 100% functioning in such a cold, where it would seem that technology can not live?

Designers of RST -Invent found a solution and developed a unique thermal case equipped with a set of heating elements that will protect not only DCT, but also the hands of the worker from external influences when working at low temperatures.

“RST -Invent has once again demonstrated its ingenuity even in conditions where we are faced with tasks that are atypical in our main trend,” commented Ildar Yulgushev, Head of RST-Invent business development.