RST-Invent will protect HSE library from theft

RST-Invent completed the modernization of the anti-theft system in the library of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

The system is based on modern RST-Invent portal RFID readers and is designed to suppress any attempts to unauthorized removal of books, magazines and other objects of library accounting. The updated software part of the RFID solution allows not only to fully integrate the anti-theft function into the Customer’s library system, but also to expand the range of RFID tags used.

The RST-Invent technical solution is integrated into the Liber Media automated information and library system, which means that it almost completely automates the accounting and control over the movement of books, which improves the safety of funds and the quality of service for library visitors.

It is worth noting that RST-Invent has been a supplier and integrator of RFID solutions for the Higher School of Economics for many years and successfully implements all the tasks set by the University library.