RST-Invent: RFID car identification


RST-Invent presents the new WindshieldTag RFID tag for secure vehicle identification in contactless payment collection systems.

WindshieldTag is developed using the NXP UCODE DNA chip with cryptographic protection, which provides dynamic data security, which allows the use of an RFID tag in solutions requiring additional protection: contactless toll payment on a toll motorway, use of paid parking lots, for example at airports, payment of gas stations, car washes, etc.

In addition to the complete inviolability of personal data, WindshieldTag has an unrivaled reading range of more than 12 meters, which significantly exceeds the competitive indicator, with a value of about 10 meters for other products of the company.

The RFID tag for the windshield has a stratified structure necessary to exclude the possibility of substitution of an identifiable object – an attempt to remove it will lead to the destruction of the antenna and the termination of the functioning of the tag.

“Having tested the WindshieldTag’s performance in the field, we got excellent results – the tag was easily read at a distance of 12 meters, despite the identification being carried out by a simple mobile reader” – commented Ilya Melnik, RST-Invent Commercial Director.

The WindshieldTag RFID tag is designed for use in vehicle identification systems in vehicle entry / exit control systems and in “free flow” systems for toll roads. When identifying, the need to stop the vehicle is eliminated, minimizing the likelihood of traffic jams and maximizing the speed of traffic.


A complete list of technical specifications of the WindshieldTag

Link on Testing RFID tags for windshield from RST-Invent