RST-Invent Enclosed RFID Tags – 100% Identification Accuracy

RFID tags are a key element of any RFID system, when each fixed asset, including one made entirely of metal or containing metal, must be reliably identified in the enterprise accounting system.

Metal, as a rule, reflects radio waves when they collide, therefore, to ensure the smooth operation of the radio frequency automation system of the enterprise, RFID tags must be optimized for installation on metal.

Enclosed RFID Tags * PatchTag and IT-2 are the perfect solution for marking metal products. They have a shockproof design with a degree of protection IP65, have a large reading range (up to 30 meters) and maximum resistance to extreme environmental conditions.

Depending on operating conditions, individual modification of RFID tags is possible, for example, PatchTag in a heat-shrinkable tube – it gives even greater strength and resistance to low temperatures (used for the project of PJSC GEOTECH Seismic exploration **). Mounting RFID tags on the product is carried out using bolts, ties, adhesive-based fasteners, or using welding technology.

* Description and technical specifications of packaged RFID tags

** About the project of PJSC “GEOTECH Seismic Exploration” at