RST-Invent at the 25th Anniversary Forum “Security Technologies 2020”

From February 11 to 13, the 25th Anniversary Forum “Security Technologies 2020” was held at the Crocus Congress Hall venue. This is the largest event in the last decade, which represents domestic manufacturers and integrators who have achieved world-class success in providing corporate level cybersecurity and ensuring transport and urban security based on modern advances in IT.

Over the three days of the Forum, 12 conferences and 2 round tables were held, 258 speakers shared their experience and topical issues, 98 exhibitors presented new technologies and equipment, 26 Forum partners demonstrated expertise and projects for key sectors of the Russian economy.

According to preliminary estimates, 7,497 managers and specialists visited the Forum, and 4,277 delegates took part in the work of the business program.

One of the freshest and most popular topics of this year is Digitalization of Security Technologies. During the thematic session, Ilya Melnik, Commercial Director of RST-Invent, made a presentation on integrated security and control of the movement of property for geographically remote oil and gas and industrial facilities.

“The task was set for us: in the remote taiga to build a zone for controlling the company’s assets …”

The company “RST-Invent” took part in the Forum as part of the SCS. The following solutions were demonstrated at the stand:

  • In the field of public safety: the Xeon-Smart multi-functional support and its integration with the situational safety control center, a solution for the maintenance of telecommunication equipment, a small-sized complex of non-contact remote video scanning (passive terrahertz scanner for monitoring people), a solution for building smart quarters, integrated security systems for places of mass stay of people, including the possibility of using situational video analytics detectors
  • To ensure safety at industrial facilities: RFID-systems for monitoring the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), systems for technological monitoring of production operations, equipment monitoring, control and accounting of material assets, as well as a system for monitoring the prevention of collisions of vehicles on employees
  • In the field of security for banks: audio-video monitoring of the cash node operation and control of cash operations