RFID system for Sberbank

The specialists of the RST-Invent company have developed an RFID system for automating the accounting of attachments of Sberbank collectors.

The country’s largest financial institution was urgently faced with the problem of the speed of receipt and delivery of attachments by collectors. At the beginning and end of each working day, a line of collectors was arranged to receive or return radios, keys and other working equipment. So, it was decided to use RFID-marking of each piece of equipment and to make quick group receiving and issuing using desktop RFID-readers.

Because of the introduction of RFID technologies, all the processes of receiving/transmitting, moving values ​​and people at the cash-collectioncenters of Sberbank have become automatically registered. Using RFID tags, the system recognizes both employees and values ​​- this completely automates accounting and reporting, including filling out electronic journals and making all postings in full accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia. The issuance of equipment is a single set, and not separately. All equipment movements are recorded in the Mais software and hardware system in automatic mode.

The principle of operation of the RFID system in the cash-collection centers:

  • The collector responsible for material assets identifies himself with the help of a key fob with an RFID tag
  • the cash-collection center employee issues a container with equipment, each unit of which is also marked with an RFID tag
  • In the automatic mode, in the information system Mais accompanying documents are generated, which are printed and signed by the parties
  • The procedure for returning equipment at the end of the shift is similar