RFID-automation of the Central Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

The RST-Invent Company entered into an agreement on the creation of a hardware and software complex for the operational accounting of material assets of the central office of the Federal Tax Service.

According to the terms of reference, the task was to create a solution that will automate accounting of telecommunications equipment of the Federal Tax Service, in the form of an application with multi-user access via a web interface. As a result, the RST-Invent hardware and software complex was delivered, consisting of several components: TargetTag and TwinTag RFID tags, RST-Bookos desktop RFID reader, Senter ST 907 mobile reader, Zebra ZT-410 RFID printer, and software.

Marking of fixed assets in the buildings of the central office of the Federal Tax Service is carried out by RFID tags. For the preparation of RFID tags when performing marking, an RFID printer and a desktop RFID reader are used. Labeling and inventory tasks are performed on mobile readers. Inventory results and reporting are performed using the web-based software interface of the complex.

“We have seamlessly integrated our complex with the existing software of the Federal Tax Service for fixed assets accounting. The complex is deployed using the IT infrastructure of the Federal Tax Service. Moreover, the inventory using RFID readers is carried out autonomously, without constant communication with the server: the data is automatically synchronized when reconnecting to the LAN” – commented Alexander Komkov, chief engineer of the RST-Invent projects.

Another condition of the customer is the versatility of the complex. In case of damage to the RFID tag and the termination of operability, the process of accounting for material assets should be carried out in another possible way. So, using an RFID printer, not only the label identifier is recorded, but also the barcode is printed, the name of the accounting object and inventory number. Thus, if necessary, an inventory can be made using RFID technology, as well as by barcodes, or manually.

The RST-Invent hardware and software system allows you to work with wide nomenclature directories (up to 50 properties). It is also possible to adjust the properties of the accounting object, create tasks for inventory or labeling on mobile data collection terminals, and generate reports.

The implemented system for automating the accounting of material assets will allow us to carry out inventories 40 times faster, always see relevant information about accounting objects and their localization in real time, and also reduce the impact of the human factor” – comments Dmitry Sazonov, Head of Key Accounts of the RST-Invent.