New HF equipment

RST-Invent is a Russian manufacturer of RFID tags and equipment, in addition to producing RFID solutions in the UHF band, it also develops tags, equipment and complex solutions in the HF band.

At the moment, the automation of libraries using RFID technology is becoming more and more in demand in Russia. Because of a number of advantages, most are adopting UHF RFID systems, but some libraries and archives prefer to use HF band based solutions.

To meet the needs of market participants to the maximum extent, the RST-Invent engineering staff modernized and expanded the range of popular library equipment that operates at high RFID frequencies (HF).

At the moment, several contracts have been concluded for the supply of the first samples of three new types of HF equipment:

  1. Floor-standing self-dispensing station with height adjustment;
  2. Desktop self-dispensing station;
  3. Self-service book return terminal.

All HF equipment integrates with any Automatic Library Information System (ALIS).


The introduction of RFID equipment in libraries allows, first of all, to improve the quality of service to readers, to increase the speed of service to library visitors and to protect the fund from theft, as well as to reduce the influence of the human factor and to increase the accuracy of identification of each copy of the fund.