Integration of RST-Inventory software with Zebra mobile readers

The RST-Invent company presented an integration solution to support mobile RFID readers Zebra MC 3330R and MC 3390R.

Now, any customer who uses the infrastructure built on Zebra mobile terminals and plans to implement RFID technology will be able to ensure high speed and productive execution of business tasks using RST-Inventory software for fast and efficient work with accounting objects and mobile RFID terminals Zebra MC 3330R and MC 3390R.

RST-Inventory – software designed to perform inventory operations, marking, search and selection of accounting objects using a mobile RFID reader.

RST-Inventory processes the results of registration of RFID tags, generates and automatically transmits the results of operations performed to the server for further construction of reporting documentation.

In addition to identifying objects with a UHF RFID scanner, RST-Inventory software allows you to perform all available operations by reading a barcode or manually entering an identifier.


RST-Inventory software is the link between the operator, the RFID tag and the customer’s information system. A solution built on the basis of RST-Inventory allows you to create an RFID system with a ready-made set of operations with tagged accounting objects, flexible data filtering and informative display of data processing results.