Advanced RST-MAR-MW Zebra RFID Reader Management Software

RST-Invent engineers have improved the RST-MAR-MW software, which is designed to control the operation of Impinj RFID readers. Now, RST-MAR-MW software has the ability to build RFID systems based on Zebra brand stationary readers.


The RST-MAR-MW software allows you to receive commands for performing operations on RFID tags, process the results of these commands, and generate and automatically transfer to the server data received from an RFID reader (registering RFID tags, writing, reading, blocking, GPIO management). Also, RST-MAR-MW performs automatic diagnostics of the status of RFID reader equipment.

Software Features

Software installation location RFID reader memory
Supported RFID Reader Models Impinj R420

Impinj R220

Impinj R120

Zebra FX7500

Zebra FX9500

Supported RFID Option Models Impinj Antenna Switch IPJ-A6001-000

RST-CMT Antenna Switch

Organization of information exchange with middleware RST-SPEEDWARE WebSocket XML Message Format

The solution, based on the RST-MAR-MW software, allows you to create an RFID system with a wide range of functions and flexible configuration of the RFID reader settings for a specific installation location of the RFID reader, as well as perform automatic data processing scripts.

Location of the RST-MAR-MW software on the data exchange scheme in the RFID system: