RFID for energy companies

The concept of “Digital Transformation 2030” is an important message for the implementation of intelligent control systems based on digital technologies in the energy sector enterprises.

The use of RFID – technologies will provide an advantage in the rate of reduction of specific operating and investment costs, will optimize the development, maintenance of infrastructure and the structure of process control.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 05.07.2018 No. 204 and the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2017 No. 1632r, when implementing the Concept, it is necessary to maintain priority for goods and software of Russian origin.

RFID system features

Безопасность и контроль
  • Creation of an electronic passport of a marked object (inventory number, characteristics, information on inspections / repairs, etc.)
  • Real-time object identification
Экономия времени и оптимизация расходов
  • Object life cycle monitoring
  • Highest inventory rate for a site or substation
Минимизация ошибок
  • Prevention of emergency situations due to untimely maintenance
  • 100% control of infrastructure bypass

Automated infrastructure asset management system

The hardware-software RFID-complex allows you to automate the activities of accounting and inventory of electric grid equipment. For fast and efficient implementation of these operations, each object subject to accounting is marked with an RFID tag.

For marking metal-containing objects of the energy complex (air towers of power lines, transformer substation units), RFID tags PatchTag and TargetTag are used.

RFID system components

PatchTag RFID tag (for marking power line towers)

Enclosed universal tag with a large registration distance of more than 20 meters, mounted on metal objects. Designed to work in extreme conditions of the far north.

PatchTag RFID

TargetTag RFID tag (for marking transformer substation units)

The label is intended for marking metal-containing products. For error-free reading of the RFID tag, the antenna is located in an elastic case on a special adhesive base. Distance of registration is 4 meters.


After marking fixed assets, each RFID tag is assigned an item nomenclature item from the information system

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Mobile RFID readers (for identifying RFID tags in conditions without access to power sources, as well as outdoors)

To conduct an inventory, search and write-off of fixed assets of the enterprise, mobile RFID readers are used. As a result of the actions taken, a report is generated on the correspondence of information from the information system to the actual presence of objects on the site. Also, if the reader detects objects that are irrelevant to this location, the system will automatically notify the user of this and send a notification to the IS

Maintenance and Repair

Implementation of RFID technology will provide real-time monitoring of maintenance and repair. The fact of servicing the facility, the time and name of the work performed are recorded at the time of execution, both in the Information System and in the RFID tag of the facility. The enterprise ACS database provides storage of detailed operation history of each marked object.

The use of radio frequency tags in conjunction with a clear repair policy of the company allows you to track the deterioration of power equipment and timely repair or replace the necessary components of the power system, while minimizing the human factor.

Control of tenants of electric grid facilities

Cell phones fully work only as long as there is a signal from the network. Cellular coverage is created from antennas located at the base stations of the operator. Like any equipment, mobile communications are powered by electricity. In the event of a power failure to the base station, the network will completely shut down. Therefore, to ensure the smooth operation of the network, mobile operators place their equipment at the facilities of electric grid companies, including power transmission towers.

The RST-Invent RFID solution will exclude the possibility of illegal connection and determine the authenticity of the ownership of mobile communication equipment to the operator or Internet service provider that has entered into a lease for the energy facility.


  • Legalization of connection and laying of lines during the audit “in the fields”
  • Conducting a comprehensive inventory of routes and equipment
  • Determination of affiliation and nomenclature in the field
  • Determination of the reliability of belonging to a particular operator

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Presentation of RFID for energy companies

Recommended RFID tags and equipment

Hard RFID tags



RFID sticker tags



Portable readers

Senter S917V2


Portable readers

Senter ST907