RFID for collection

Collection is carried out by specialized state and private companies; large banks also have their own subdivisions.

The change of the collector begins with the issuance of cash and other tangible assets, each of which is issued individually by registering and signing. Each collector is responsible for their own equipment, as well as cash and other tangible assets assigned to him in the cash collection center (CCC).

Thanks to the introduction of RFID technologies, all the processes of receiving/transmitting, moving values and people in cash collection centers (CCC) become automatically recorded. Using RFID tags, the system recognizes both employees and values in full accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia.

The introduction of RFID technology will automate the main processes of the collection service.

RFID accounting for the movement of cash bags

An RFID tag with a unique identifier is attached to each bag, which is tied to a database with information about the destination of the bag, amount, route, etc.

Cash withdrawal and delivery to bank branches or serviced points of sale

  • In the process of transferring money and sealing the bag, the collector reads the label with which the bag is marked
  • Information about the amount transferred by the cashier is entered by the collector into the information system via the mobile reader interface
  • The cashier confirms the correctness of the data entered by the collector using a key fob or card with a built-in RFID tag (RFID tag acts as a verifier – electronic signature)
  • Using an RFID reader, the cashier verifies the marked bags delivered by the collection service – the bag arrived for other purposes, is immediately returned to the collector

RFID identification of bills cassettes

Each bills cassette is marked with an RFID tag with information about the denomination of banknotes in the cassette, the correspondence of the ATM model, accessory to a specific ATM, etc.

  • At the time of issue of cassettes to collectors, information on the cassette destination is entered in the RFID tag
  • To verify the cartridge at the time of loading money, each ATM is equipped with an RFID reader
  • If the cartridge does not correspond to a specific ATM, the RFID reader sends a light signal to the collector
  • If an irrelevant cassette has been inserted into the ATM, the RFID reader sends information about this to the bank’s information system
  • If jammed bills are found during the collection of empty cassettes at the cash register by the collector, the RFID tag will inform about the ATM in which this problem is observed

Using RFID cassettes and a mobile reader, you can quickly search and inventory cassettes in warehouses and in vaults.

RFID accounting for attachments of collectors

Fast group reception/delivery of attachments of collectors involves marking each piece of equipment with RFID tags. The issuance of equipment occurs as a single set, and not separately.

  • The collector responsible for material assets identifies himself with the help of a key fob with an RFID tag
  • KIC employee issues a container with equipment, each unit of which is also marked with an RFID tag
  • In the automatic mode, accompanying documents are generated in the bank’s information system, which are printed and signed by the parties
  • The procedure for returning equipment at the end of the shift is similar


1. Increasing transparency and controllability of the collection process

2. Automatic documentation generation

3. Real-time data display in the information system

4. Accounting automation

5. Automatic completion of electronic logs

6. Acceleration of registration procedures for receiving/issuing cash and other material values by 10 times

7. Group reception/issuance of attachments of a collector

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