RFID for automated waste management

Federal Law dated December 31, 2017 No. 503-ФЗ “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Production and Consumption Wastes ”obliges each region to develop a territorial scheme for waste management: organization of collection and accumulation, transportation, processing and disposal.

Automation of these processes using electronic identification will solve the problem of lack of information about the number of collected and processed solid waste, unauthorized dumping of waste outside the route, illegal garbage collection, requires a special approach.

The introduction of RFID technology will allow us to track the quality of the work performed, see the necessary analytics, as well as provide undeniable evidence of timely cleaning of garbage sites.

RFID system features

  • Real-time identification and inventory of tanks and containers in the field
  • Automatic control of the execution of applications for garbage collection
  • Control of entry / exit to the landfill
  • Automatic transfer of data on the implementation of the application to the accounting department of the company
  • Control of each vehicle for unloading off-route
  • Reporting for each route
  • The possibility of optimizing the routes of garbage removal from sites and traffic to garbage processing plants

To configure the system, a minimal set of equipment is required and only three steps to start:

Labeling of garbage containers with enclosed RFID tags that are resistant to environmental influences. The memory of each label contains information about the owner of the container and its territorial affiliation

Equipping garbage trucks with RFID readers that identify containers, instantly register the fact of collection of solid waste and transmit data to the information system of the regulatory body

Equipping the landfill with specialized RFID equipment for registering the vehicle entry / exit to the landfill and controlling the movement of waste through its territory


Easy integration with the accounting system

Minimum set of hardware

All components of the system are manufactured in Russia

Recommended RFID tags and equipment