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RFID Self-Service Terminals in Libraries

RFID Self-Service Terminals in Libraries

The RST-Invent company has developed a series of RFID terminals for self-service, which allow you to issue and return library books, view the status of the reader’s form, identify debts and issue an extension. Among the pleasant bonuses – modern design, the ability to choose the interface language, vandal-resistant design.

The new terminals are optimized to work as part of a traditional library identification system based on the HF band (13.56 MHz).

RST-Invent self-service terminals have a number of common characteristics:

  • Possibility of simultaneous registration of up to 10 books
  • Large toughened glass touch screens that provide convenience and ease of use for stations
  • Informative LED backlight showing the status of current operations
  • Simple user-friendly interface easy to operate for users of all ages
  • Printout of a dated information leaflet about surrendered or extended literature

But each of them also has unique parameters that provide maximum comfort to users.

Book return station

The station is designed for self-delivery of library literature.

Its special feature is the presence of a hidden basket for books, access to which is provided by an automated security door that opens only to authorized users at the time of delivery of the book.

It is also noteworthy that due to the secure access to the device nodes, such a station can be placed outside the library.

Height-adjustable automatic book dispensing station

The station allows readers to register their own publications on their own electronic library card, which helps to reduce queues, as well as free up time for library staff to help visitors find and select literature.

The special feature of the book distribution station is the ability to adjust the height of the work surface, which allows both children and people with disabilities to use it.

Desktop book dispensing station

Thanks to the compact size of the desktop book distribution station, small libraries with limited space can get all the benefits of RFID automation: significantly reduced time for routine operations, reduced queues and high quality reader service.

Desktop reader RST-BOOKOS HF

RST-BOOKOS HF is a non-replaceable multifunctional RFID station that is installed in librarians ‘ workplaces. The device is used for programming RFID tags, that is, binding the unique serial number of the tag to a specific book in the library database, as well as for issuing and accepting books by library employees.

Портальный HF-считыватель

An important factor in creating automated library RFID systems is the organization of an anti-theft system, which will provide full protection of the book collection from unauthorized removal.

For the organization of control zones, portal HF-readers are installed at the exits from the library premises, which allow you to organize the width of the controlled passage up to 140 cm. If someone tries to take out the book, the anti-theft gate will instantly notify the staff that the book is being stolen. The anti-theft system is the key to the safety of your library’s book collection!

Rapid advances in technology in the library sector have made self-service in libraries an integral part of creating a comfortable environment for readers. The implementation of complex solutions for the automation of library services based on radio frequency identification contributes to the engagement of the reader in the process of interacting with new smart library technologies, which open a new level in serving library visitors.

To date, the company “RST-Invent” has already implemented projects for the implementation of an integrated HF RFID-system in the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library, as well as in the Association of Municipal Libraries of the city of Perm.