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RFID certification of oil and gas production equipment

RFID certification of oil and gas production equipment

The RFID-system for electronic certification of oil and gas production equipment developed by RST-Invent allowed OJSC «Varyoganneftegaz» to improve the collection of information about the equipment used and to optimize its operation and repair.

Equipment used in the process of oil and gas production (valves, pumps, dampers etc.) must undergo timely maintenance (MOT) and preventive maintenance (PPR). Otherwise, its operation can lead to accidents and additional costs.

One of the reasons for untimely repairs and maintenance is the difficulty in identifying equipment. Painting, engraving, branding, bar coding, and other traditional methods in severe operating conditions of equipment lose their functions. For this reason, OJSC «Varyoganneftegaz» decided to use RFID technology as a modern marking method, the reliability of which is practically independent of the operating conditions of the equipment.

An RFID system consists of marking tools (RFID tags), means for reading and writing information (mobile RFID readers), and software that generates the necessary reports.

All objects subject to accounting are marked with RFID tags. Severe equipment operating conditions, requirements for the small dimensions of the tag and the possibility of its hidden installation – these conditions determined the use of the SML-M3 tag manufactured by RST-Invent. It is made in the form of a thin sticker with a diameter of only 8mm.

The mark is installed in pre-prepared wells on equipment elements, after which it is filled with a special compound and can be painted over.

During the initial installation of a label on an accounting object, factory information is entered into its memory using a mobile reader. At the same time, an electronic passport of the product is created in the database. Information about the maintenance or PPR is also recorded in the tag memory.

Accounting for marked objects can be carried out both in storage and repair facilities, and directly in the field. Using a mobile reader, the operator automatically obtains information about the object from the data stored in the memory of the RFID tag. On the basis of the information received, a decision is made on the need for certain works.

The introduction of the RFID system allowed OJSC «Varyoganneftegaz»

– to minimize errors in the identification of items of equipment

– to optimize the processes of operation and repair of equipment

– reduce the cost of major repairs and the purchase of new equipment


Information about the company “Varioganneftegaz”:

OJSC «Varyoganneftegaz» is a Russian oil and gas company, a member of TNK-BP Holding. He is engaged in exploration and development of a group of oil and gas condensate fields in Western Siberia in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. It is one of the largest mining enterprises in the region.