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RFID automation of workwear accounting and control processes

RFID automation of workwear accounting and control processes at OJSC “Surgutneftegas”

RST-Invent Company, a domestic manufacturer of RFID tags and equipment, together with BDO consultants in Russia completed the implementation of a workwear accounting system based on radio frequency identification technology at Surgutneftegas OJSC.

Optimization of the processes of registration of movement and accounting of workwear is the first stage of the introduction of RFID in OJSC “Surgutneftegas”. To determine the prospects for the further use of this technology, a process was selected in the company that includes all the components of the supply chain – the manufacturer, distribution center, warehouse store, and final recipients.

The introduction of RFID technology in the process of accounting and control of workwear was intended to solve the following problems:

  • optimization of processes for recording movement of workwear;
  • exclusion of re-grading in the central warehouse and warehouse stores;
  • increasing the reliability of data on stocks of workwear by size;
  • correct determination of the need for procurement.

Overalls for OJSC “Surgutneftegas” are sewn at the Surgut sewing factory. Here, using a special printer, each RFID tag is assigned its own unique number, which in the database corresponds to data on size, height, material. Even at the cutting stage, the programmed mark is sewn into a specific place in the future suit. Packed suits are packed in sizes and transferred to the warehouse of the garment factory.

Upon acceptance to the warehouse of the garment factory and at the time of shipment from it, marked overalls are automatically registered by portal readers.

From the warehouse of the garment factory, suits are brought to the base of production and technical support and equipment. In the acceptance zone, the hardware and software complexes used for this project are in the form of mobile ramps, with the help of which registration of incoming workwear sets is carried out.

The next link in the supply chain is the so-called warehouse-stores, where products from base are shipped according to the formed orders. Accordingly, when leaving base, marked overalls pass through portal readers, and upon acceptance to warehouse stores, through mobile ramps. From storehouses, suits get to the final consumers – company employees.

Thanks to BDO consultants in Russia, it was possible not only to implement data collection, but to fully integrate equipment with SAP systems. Upon acceptance and shipment of overalls, all documents necessary for it are generated automatically, significantly reducing the time of warehouse workers.

Alexander Glavin, Leading Engineer of the Logistics Support Department of OJSC “Surgutneftegas” Production, evaluates the project results in this way: “Thanks to the introduction of RFID technology, we were able to simplify the process of receiving, issuing and inventory of workwear, reduce the time of registration of documents in the information system, and the economic effect of the implementation of development exceeded one million rubles a year.”