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Использование RFID меток в библиотеке ГУ-ВШЭ

RFID Automation of Higher School of Economics Library

The RST-Invent company has successfully completed the RFID-automation project of the library of the State University – Higher School of Economics. The project is being implemented in accordance with the results of the announced open tender for the supply of the accounting system for the work of the HSE library.

This is one of the largest projects of RFID automation of libraries carried out by specialists of the PCT-Invent company – the system covers 150 thousand volumes, 10 desktop workstations of the librarian. In addition, for the first time, the RFID solution was integrated with the Liber Media information library system.

The use of radio-frequency identification technology made it possible to solve the following problems: automation of the issuance and return of books to AILS Liber Media, quick inventory of book copies in the library, and anti-theft function. In addition, since before that the library used a system based on bar coding, for the transition period, combined work with RFID tags and barcodes is provided. The solution is built taking into account the possibility of further expansion to all departments and branches of the library.

The acquisition of the HSE library began in 1994 and currently stands at an average of 40 thousand copies per year. The total book stock totals about 500 thousand copies. In 2007, the library issued 355 titles of Russian periodicals and 97 titles of foreign journals. The library is located in several areas. The branches of the HSE also have their own libraries, in the development of which the library of the central university also takes part. RFID technology allows you to provide full support for all major library processes carried out using AILS Liber Media.

Using RFID-based library cards allows you to speed up the process of issuing and receiving books, and is also an effective tool to combat counterfeiting and fake library cards. The library was equipped with hand-held readers, allowing for quick search of books in the book depository and their inventory, desktop readers for receiving and issuing books, as well as portal readers that perform anti-theft functions. The software used provides for the possibility of combined work with RFID tags and barcodes during the transition period.

Director of the HSE Library Maximova Natalia Yuryevna: “The decision to switch to a new document identification system is not following some technological fashion. This is a sound economic and political decision. After all, we are talking not only about replacing barcodes with RFID tags, but about changing all library processes and switching to a user self-service system. As a result of the introduction of RFID technology, we expect the library to work much more efficiently, and our readers will receive better and more modern services.”