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Integration of RFID equipment with library information systems

Integration of RFID equipment with library information systems

More convenient library service means not only comfort and efficiency for visitors, but also a significant reduction in the routine for employees and the convenience of processing collections using modern tools.

One such tool is the Automated Library Information System (ALIS), an enterprise resource planning system for the library that is used to track library collections, from ordering and purchasing to issuing to library visitors.

With the development of technological progress, a new system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology came to the aid of ALIS. The integration of these two systems will provide any library with 100% control over the movement of library collections.

The RFID system for libraries, developed by RST-Invent, has received a new certificate confirming the integration of the equipment used with ALIS OPAC-Global and ALIS MegaPro, two of the most used information systems in Russian libraries. Also, this solution is integrated with ALIS IRBIS, ALIS Ruslan, ALIS Marc SQL and 1C Library.

The RFID system for libraries can be integrated with any library information system, even a self-written one.

The use of RFID systems to automate the work of libraries allows you to effectively support all processes of its work:

  • Controlling the circulation of books inside the library building and quickly finding the necessary copies among others
  • Reader self-service
  • Providing protection against unauthorized removal of books

Today the library RFID system of the RST-Invent company has been implemented in the largest federal libraries, as well as in many district, school and university libraries.

OPAC-Global is the first cloud-based automated library information system in Russia designed to automate both individual libraries and a group of libraries, based on corporate work in real time via standard web browsers.

The main distinguishing feature of ALIS OPAC-Global is that all functional tasks are performed on a central server, and users work exclusively in standard web browsers on PCs or mobile devices.

MegaPro is an innovative domestic software solution for comprehensive automation of information and library activities, building electronic libraries and electronic library systems, creating library networks, efficiently managing information resources, organizing access to them and protecting them.

ALIS “MegaPro” is a new generation web-system, it can be used both in traditional and in “cloud” versions. Work with any module is implemented through a web interface and can be performed both in a local computer network and remotely from anywhere on the Internet.