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Automated RFID waste management system

Automated RFID waste management system

In Russia, in addition to legal landfills for the removal , sorting and recycling of garbage, there are also spontaneous landfills that are located in the forest, forest plantations, ravines. Such accumulations of garbage lead to the ingress of harmful substances into the atmosphere and groundwater, and not only forests, but also the health of residents are at risk.

Today in Russia there are 480 thousand unauthorized landfills, which is 12 times higher than in 2016.

The lack of control mechanisms for waste logistics and the bad faith of garbage collection teams are two of the main factors in the appearance of illegal landfills.

RST-Invent company has created an automated RFID-system for the control of waste collection, which will solve the problems of violation of the terms of garbage removal, unloading containers in the wrong place and others.

To configure the system, a minimal set of equipment is required and only three steps to start:

Labeling of garbage containers with enclosed RFID tags that are resistant to environmental influences. The memory of each label contains information about the owner of the container and its territorial affiliation

Equipping garbage trucks with RFID readers that identify containers, instantly register the fact of collection of solid waste and transmit data to the information system of the regulatory body

Equipping the landfill with specialized RFID equipment for registering the vehicle entry / exit to the landfill and controlling the movement of waste through its territory

Using an automated RFID waste collection control system, a regional operator or the head of the organization responsible for fulfilling MSW removal tasks will be able to monitor the execution of route tasks in real time, monitor the collection and delivery of solid waste to the landfill, conduct an inventory of tanks and containers, and monitor the work of garbage trucks.

“All components of the RST-Invent system are manufactured in Russia, so we guarantee the availability and timely delivery of any equipment, regardless of external economic factors.”